Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winster - Earn Amazon Gift Cards!!!

I wasn't too sure about this place... but now I LOVE it!

It is absolutely simple to play and more fun than a barrel of monkeys!
No really... I had a barrel of monkeys last week... Winster is more fun... no poop being flung!!!

You pick one of 10 games to play - Slots, Bingo, Poker, 3-Match, Doku, etc.
You spin to change the pieces you receive.
You trade with neighbors (HIGHLY ENCOURAGED)
You get Bingo, a great poker hand, or 5 of a kind (slots) and you 'cash in.'
Then you start your game again!
You can spin 200 spins a day or upgrade to a paid membership.

It can be pretty fast-paced or comfortably slow, it all depends on you!
The whole point of the site is for everyone to work together, not compete.
It's a nice new concept and takes a little getting used to!!

A few simple tips; (for slots mostly)
Its best to trade with others. You use less of your spins and make more friends.
Never spin away a Winnie (W in a circle). If you don't know what to do with it... ask! It's the
highest payout of the game. You essentially want to get all Winnies or Winnies and Wilds to get the Jackpot!
If you need help... ASK! Especially if there's someone with an H by their name. They are a Host (like me) and are supposed to be offering help anyways!!!

There's a few different ways to play; Once you're in the room for a few minutes, you can tell which type of room it is. You can always change rooms if you don't like it :-)
The "normal" way where everyone trades pieces but still works for their own cash in.
Then there's "Cherries" where if you spin a cherry, you let it sit on your reel until everyone else has spun. The other people try to get cherries also, so you get a 5-way match & (I think) 500 points for them.
Then there's Jackpot (JP). This is what I like the best. If you find the right group in a room, you can get 2 or 3 or more Jackpots in an hour. Everyone takes a turn being "Up". While you are up, everyone in the room passes over their Winnies and Wilds to you. Once you have enough, you cash in. Then it's the next players turn.

I've only been a member for a few months, but I've earned points for MyPoints and enough to cash in for $20 Amazon GC. I'd have more... but I hardly have time on the puter... and most of that time is spent working (silly me!) lol.

I'm now a paying member and a Host... so look me up when you get there!
I'm normally in Slots making lots of friends and points!!

Oh... you can also download their toolbar. Click on it to get into the games and get 500 points per day.

Play at Winster with me